Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome back to the blog! Well, I spent a lot of time, and a lot of effort to get my lovely zeppelins done for the Mechanicon '10 in (West Chester, PA). I had spend a lot of late evenings, adding fiddly bits to the models and painting, painting, painting. So much so I made myself sick from lack of sleep and probably too much caffeine.

Well what for? Why go through all of this trouble? To make overly complicated models that a handful of people will ever see? I could say I make the models because no one else has. I could say I just want to see if I could make it. should I just say I do it for the gamer groupies? Actually I did it for the first two reasons. (There are no such thing as gamer groupies) I make the models to see if I can realise, what I think is a cool idea, into something you can touch and appreciate.

This army won first place in Best Appearance at Mechanicon 2010. The guys have a great convention and I am very grateful for it. It is THE old school tournament for warhammer 40,000. The gaming garage guys rock and really care about the event and the people who attend it. It really reminds me of the old Grant Tournaments Games Workshop used to put on. I make my stuff and care about my armies to share them with others at the one tournament I go to each year. (I make the time to go to this event!)

The responses I get from my fellow tournament goers was fantastic. Hearing people actually appreciate the work I put into the models is really why I did it. I love catching up with guys I have seen over the years, relaxing for the weekend and playing a few 40k games. The army even preformed well for me. I got a 3-1-1 record. Soon it will be time to get ready for the Cabin Fever event. (which the guys in Harrisburg run) I will be the guy to make it happen, so it will be my turn to host the festivities and see what you guys can do.

Soon I will post up close pictures of the zeppelins so you can see all of the detail for yourself. I just wanted to let you guys see something, since I hid the picts until after the event.