Saturday, March 15, 2014


I wanted to show some of the work I have done for some of my other Vostroyan Vth vehicles.

I really liked what Dave Taylor did when he redesigned the Imperial Guard Chimera vehicle (See it Here!) the look of the truck is a great way of showing another version of a chimera with a front armor of 12 but the rest AV 10. His work on his trucks are exactly what I would expect for the Cadians, or any other imperial army with more standardized equipment.

However I was looking for something that would fit in better with my WWI theme of my Vostroyan forces. This is more of what I had in mind. The Russian Zis 6 Truck.

This truck was used for all sorts of roles in battle, most of which were a support role, nothing directly in the teeth of combat. This is perfect for Manticores, Deathstrikes and Hydras. (oh my!) I decided to begin the same way Dave T. did as well. The Ork Trukk chassis. Normally found for a ~$4.00 or so on EBAY.

The wheels were resin cast from a modern day 1/48 scale US Marine L.A.V. Shortly I removed the fuel tank as it would get in the way of my cab.
The armored fenders were the armored skirts from a Leman Russ / Chimera vehicle kits (current edition)

From there I began to build the cab. The front of the engine cowling was taken from part of the front fender of an Imperial Baneblade kit (Available as part of the accessory sprue available on GWs site. (I used almost everything from the sprue, I think it was probably worth the cost of it.) (almost)  The rest was constructed out of plastic-card. A small piece of wire mesh was placed on the front for a little air flow. (I figure armored louvers are behind the mesh to help protect the engine.

The headlights were from the accessory sprue for the Imperial bastion (they normally have a skull shaped vox caster/scanner thing on the top of them.
I framed out the cab in plastic card for the basic form. part of the baneblade accessory sprue made up the hear hatches of the truck cab. 

I began adding detail for the heavy bolter. This was made from the heavy bolter kit for the Imperial bastion. (how did I have so many of these things? take a look at my imperial Fortress of Eagles I had not used all of the heavy bolter kits that came with the bastions. This gave me a great opportunity to have a "bastion like" firing port to help protect my trucks should the enemy get past the front echelons. 

I put an old school IG vehicle hatch on top of the heavy bolter implying there is almost full cylinder set into the truck cab, as the Vostroyan Vth doe not waste good materials. Rivets and a drivers port was added to the cab, as well as a basic bumper.

I then set about building up the doors for detail, most of which is punched out of a sheet of plastic with different sized hand punches you can find in any scrap booking section of a decent craft store.

Fuel tanks and a bit of plastic card to add stowage as well as steps up to the cab. 
I placed magnets under the strips of plastic on the rear fenders. These magnets will hold down the truck beds that I will be building. I used two more "bastion" lights for the rear lights of the truck.

I built six trucks overall with the intent of allowing several bed designs to fill out my rear echelon battlefield roles. This allowed me to create 2 basic truck beds; 4 Hydra AA guns; 2 Deathstrike Missile Launchers and 3 Manticore Rocket Batteries.

Here are a few shots of them fully painted.   Decals have been subdued since. pictures were taken.       - Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks great, a Katyusha would make a great Wyvern.