Friday, April 9, 2010

Onward! ever onward...

I have been a little remiss in getting new picts up here. It's my fault, totally. With the store newsletter I have been spending all of my night time on getting it up to speed. Now that I have it more under control I can show you some of what I have been working on when I have a little down time during my "day work" hours. I included a shot of the completed Multiple Launch Rocket Pods for my Valkyries. I will have every weapon system developed for my "zeps" that would be available to a Valkyrie or Vendetta gunship. Once again, it means doing everything in threes, but I think it is coming together nicely so the additional time to make so many multiples is worth it. (I hope you do as well!)
Ok, on to the more interesting part of the recent work. The Sky Captains and their First Gunners. With my zeppelins, I almost want to have the equivalent of a pulp 20's style of aerial combat. This means dashing commanders and stout men at arms to stand by their sides. (sorry no nosy reporters or spunky kids, they were spaced). So the Sky Captains are well dressed and well groomed in the fashion of a naval officer. They have the ultimate say of their vessel and take that quite to heart. Therefore, they were created with their dress uniforms. The Cadian torso with medals was the perfect choice to help with this. I have considered adding epaulets to the uniforms as well, but I haven't decided that issue to its completion yet. I am a big fan of W.I.P. anything is possible to change and I have scrapped stuff entirely if I didn't think it would work even 95% of the way done.
Each of the officers is showing their different styles of leadership and although they each have a smart cap and their medals on their chest, they each turned out great with their individual style and I even took to adding facial hair to each of them to show the mark of a true Vostroyan is a well groomed mustache or beard.
The First Gunners have a style of uniform that will be similar to my Veteran squads when I finally get to them. (I have begun collecting pieces for them, but not ready to make them yet!) The gunners are styled like a martial military academy look. highly polished breastplate, helm, and a well groomed look would make them excellent examples of potentially making it to the rank of Sky Captain themselves.
Each pair of crew were modeled to be in the act of fighting the good fight. each Captain and First Gunner are working together to spot targets, engage the enemy, or make sure the men get back to base.
All 'n all I am very happy with the way my crew have come out, but due to the nature of building multiples I can't seal the deal on any of them (ie. paint them) until I have all of the parts for all of them done. Talk about motivation to get them done! The look and feel of my Zeppelins has been coming along great and I can not wait to put up more for you all to see! Thank you for viewing. - Rich


  1. Our armies really do have much in common! My carapace veterans are also using the Empire Greatswords breastplates as well... Looking good so far, you will certainly have something to be proud of when you are finished!

  2. Loving the blimp idea, and the execution so far. It's really reminding me of a steam-punk version of the 2nd Mummy movie.

    I for one, can't wait to see the end result.