Friday, March 5, 2010


For my next installment I want to show a piece I did for my patron, Tammy Little. Tammy is a very nice woman who for a time absolutely adores dragons.

This was the first project she ever contracted with me. It was a vinyl kit that she purchased from the internet. It turned out that the kit was a copy of a vinyl kit. (sadly a knock off) . I was contracted to assemble and paint this kit for her.

Being a copy of a production kit. It fit very poorly. VERY POORLY. I ended up using a lot of epoxy putty to fill in the gaps. heat treating the vinyl only worked a bit, so the rest had to be filled in and sculpted.

The rebuilding process took about two weeks of working on it at the store as time allowed. The entire process was rather frustrating as it was poorly copied to begin with and the original they used was probably a little distorted to begin with. anyway...

After the process of putting the model together. the painting went well. This was done at a time when I did not have access to an air brush, so this was done by manual brushes, washes and powders. I enjoyed painting the model and working on several new techniques for myself.

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