Monday, March 8, 2010

More on my Vostroyan conversions... the Hellhound

Here is the next installment from out of the vaults from my mighty Vostroyan Archive. This is my Hellhound / Chimera chassis. I wanted to take the look from the FT-17 light tanks of World War 1.

These two man tanks were some of the first light tanks. These are perfect for my chimera chassis. Why go with something so small? Where is the transport capacity?
There is something on the transport capacity of my Chimeras in a future post.

As for the Hellhound this was perfect for me. A small mobile tank that would have its fuel tanks carried on a wagon behind it. The fuel wagon is made from a newer version of the IG dozer blade assembly. An axle with two Orky Big Gun wheels. (This is probably one of the biggest points of contention with Games Workshop dropping their Bitz service. I can no longer get these items. So I will have to come up with other means...

The hull is a Leman Russ tank hull with plastic card stock sides. The turret requires two chimera turrets. The hull mounted weapons (in this case, the Heavy Bolter) are magnetic so I can change them out at my leisure and the vehicle mounted Heavy Bolters are all water-cooled Browning style heavy machine guns. The exhaust on the back has been fitted with a wire mesh heat sink to help protect the tank riders from serious burns (as long as they stay behind the flame thrower!)

The Fuel tanks are also magnetically attached to the Hellhound's hull to allow for ease of storage and game play. The fuel tanks are cosmetic only and are not a targetable section of the vehicle. And as a point of note! This vehicle has the same size footprint as a standard Chimera / Hellhound.

The Hellhound's Inferno gun is constructed from brass tubing, aluminum mesh, aluminum tubing, and the pewter Heavy Flamer tips from the old Killer Kans (GW) kits. The mounting as fitted as a canvas cover made of green stuff.

The suspension was created out of more Big Gun wheels, IG tracks and wheels. The upper assembly of small tank wheels also has magnets secured under it so I could have added track guards to my vehicles (an old vehicle upgrade option). These were never made. All told so far I have constructed 2 Hellhounds and 4 Chimeras (without all of the weapon options currently available). Though I do plan on making them in the future. I will be custom making a new chimera turret so I can make all of the weapon options as swap outs in the far future. I hope you liked this next installment!


  1. Nifty. I'm especially liking the fuel tanks.

  2. Very unique look, shame the bitz are so hard to get these days. I like the trailer, and may try something similar myself.

  3. I'd like to make one for my Vostroyans!