Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A bit of the past before the future

Now that I have begun my foray into the blogging world. It's time for me to begin showcasing some of my old work before I show some of my current projects. I like to think of it as showing you some of what I have done; a work history if you will, letting you get an idea of how I process this sort of thing and work through my problems. So on with the show!

This is Bertha. The basilisk for my Imperial Guard regiment, The 5th Vostroyan "siege breakers". My Vostroyan army is based on a World War One style "White Russian" style army.

The overall feel of the army is around a trench warfare organization. Blood, guts, and barbed wire are the bywords of my force. My troops carry everything they have with them, since home is where they place their pack. Without assistance forthcoming in a breakthrough, my guys need to make sure they bring all of their supplies with them if they are to consolidate on the days gains.

On to the basilisk. I wanted rivets, big cast iron wheels, and a simpler design principle to my equipment. Heavy Bolters are the water-cooled .30 cal style Browning machine guns from that era. I wanted heavy return mechanisms and suspensions for my tanks. Once again I wanted the army to have a rough quality, but not look orky or ramshod in its construction. The tanks of the early 20th century were simpler in design and easier to manufacture. So I tried to take a little more care in showing this in each model. Hopefully it shows!

Bertha's hull was made from sheet stock plastic, and a chimera front. The gun carriage was made from the Forge-world Medusa Kit. The barrel was merely extended from an old basilisk barrel. odds and ends were picked up from various places. I began construction on this army in the spring of 2008.

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