Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quick Detour... ack!

We have a newsletter we have recently reestablished at the Adventurers Guild again. In our letter "this week at the guild" we have begun a "tale of four gamers" series of articles. We have had a great response to our call and a bunch of the guys are committing to doing pre-heresy armies. I had promised to do the Thousand Sons when I got other guys to begin making pre-heresy stuff as well.

So I broke my rhythm with the zeppelins and decided I needed to get the originals sculpted, so I could begin the process of casting resin doors and shoulderpads for my legion. A long time ago I had purchased a ton of 1000 Sons heads back when GW had bitz service. Now this is a WIP photo service, since my camera ran out of batteries before I got the last pictures taken. I also did a few chest pieces for my Marines as well. two chests with inset gems and two chests with scarabs set into the plate. All and all I got two shoulder pads completed, a land raider door, a rhino door and the four chest pieces. They will be set into the rotation for me to resin cast them in parts so I can add them to my box of space marines with the 1000 sons heads and some tabards from the Dark Angels and Black Templars upgrade sprues. I am really pleased with how the finished pieces look, but I cant post them for another day or two till the rubber sets and I can do my first test pours. now back to the Zeppelins. I have gotten 2 of my wing weapon pylons completed and I am hoping to finish them off tomorrow night. (4 to go). I also managed to get the last of the 12 havoc missile launchers I needed for the multiple launch rocket pods. I will begin working on my zeppelin air bags this weekend while I am at Regulator Con. *** here is a pict of the completed doors. I got them out of the mold and got a picture for you guys. - Bossman

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